A theatrical creator for sixty years now, Adamandios Lemos emerged from the flames of the Second World War to become one of the most robust forces in the modern Hellenic theatre: actor, troupe leader, director, showman, teacher, stage designer, costume designer and whatever else was necessary to create images of life on stage. Beyond his participation in large theatre companies in his early years ("The Kotopouli Repertory Theatre", "Katerina s Repertory Theatre", "Linos Karzis Thymelikos Theatre", "Karolos Kuhn Art Theatre") and the creation of the "Lemos Repertory Theatre" (established in 1944), his theatrical activity reached a high point in the period 1947-1950, when he began the first post-war search for and promotion of the new dynamic in theatre. He subsequently went on to establish the first permanent Greek theatre in America (1957-1967).
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