Adamandios Lemos says that as an actor he has been subject to a dual influence. First was the so-called "old school", where the students learned the secrets from the old masters who in turn had learned them from the previous generation of masters and where the making of theatre was based on instinct, imagination, improvisation and the brilliant presence of the actor on the stage. This type of theatre was judged in terms of its magic, of the creative communion between actors and their audience, and was characterised by unconditional acceptance of the spectator. The other influence was more complex, including a variety of different currents. Along with the scientific theories surrounding them, they point to larger issues of inexhaustible interest, which cannot, of course, be dealt with here.

Examples of his interpretations within a broad range of the dramatic, the tragic, the comic are to be found among the hundreds of plays and performances which follow, in which his representation of a constellation of different characters was recorded and commented on by renowned theatrical critics in the Athenian newspapers and magazines.
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