History tells us that all the great transformations in the theatre have had their origins in the primeval, unspoilt elements to be found in the apprentice actor, the amateur (in greek "erasitechnis"=lover of art), as it were, in the true sense of the word and not in the person of the fully-formed professional," said Adamandios Lemos. Using this principle, Lemos, as an experienced master of the theatre, was pursuing, with persistent practical training, to nurture these rare, unspoilt elements, in addition to making full use of his students’ theoretical knowledge.

The outcome of these years of service to the theatre was impressive. The achievement was as evident at the "Drama School of the Larissa Municipal Conservatory" as it was in the training of local amateur groups or as it had been earlier in Egypt, in Cyprus or in the U.S.A., where he shaped and promoted acting talent. It was also to be seen with the "Theatrical Workshop" of the Ilioupolis Municipality (1979-1989), which performing under the guidance of Lemos, was awarded, in 1986, the first prize along with the golden medal of the city of Athens, among twenty selected municipal theatre companies participating in the "Pan-Hellenic Competition for Amateur Theatre Creation", organised by the Municipality of Athens.
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