" Lemos is a pioneer, an animating spirit who possesses the special ability - like a magical power - to magnetise his environment…" writes Alkis Thrylos ("Nea Estia", June 1949). Countless are his avant garde initiatives and his conquests. At the start of his career in the summer of 1940 he dares to set up a theatre with young actors, in an Asia Minor refugee neighbourhood: Drapetsona. He repeats the experiment in the summer of 1941, during the nazi occupation, in another out-of-the-way rundown area: the "Nana" on Vouliagmenis Avenue. And again in wartime Egypt, responding to the needs of the Greek community there. In Cyprus he lays the foundations for the development and consolidation of the first professional Cypriot theatre. Wherever he is, Lemos discovers locales which he converts into theatres. Dashing and provocative in his pursuits, he succeeds in charming the uninhibited virgin theatrical public and in promoting innovative theatrical forms, such as performances in the format of a country feast. His postwar activity is crowned by the historically pioneering search to discover and promote the new theatrical potential at the "Dionyssia" in Kallithea (1947-1950), by his work with the "Ancient Theatre of Argos" (1955) and of course the establishment of the "Greek Theatre Organization of America" (1957-1967).
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