The terms " director" and " directing" were for many years unknown in Greece. After the return from Europe of the theatre reformer Constantinos Christomanos in 1901, we begin occasionally to encounter the French word " regisseur" . It is not until the coming to prominence of Thomas Economou and Photos Politis (1920-1930) and in the early interwar period, of the " Royal Greek Theatre" , Rondiris, Mouzenidis, Karantinos and later on Sarantidis and Kuhn at the Free Theatre - to mention only the earlier - pre-1940 - names, that the term " director" came into general use.

Before that time casting, teaching, staging and other details were undertaken by the head of the repertory company without, initially, the word " directing" being used. The term has come into use in the last fifty years, as the competence in question has become institutionalised. With his career spanning 60 years and the hundreds of plays he staged as an actor, as head of the repertory company and finally as a director (" Greek National Theatre" , " Regional Theatre of the Northern Aegean" , etc.), Lemos has been a " director" in every sense of the word.
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