Adamandios Lemos, man of the theatre, has served literature with equal passion. Apart from the artful and elegant style, his voluminous 600-page first book is significant as a theatrical narrative, including little-known and revealing documents. The drama critic, C. Georgosopoulos, described the book, "Thespis' Utopia", as: "a record of the significant, and painful, Odyssey of a tormented theatrical person", noting that "all the delight and pain of the theatrical experience are contained in this magnificent title". The same critic comments on Lemos’ second book: "once again Lemos has amazed us with his story-telling talent.

His book "My aunt Kyriakou in the Good Old Days" is valuable in many ways, not least through its preservation of mores, behaviours and values and through the riches of its language integrated into the structure, the flow and the music of live popular speech. The personality of the woman who emerges from Lemos’ stories is authentic and real. This vigorous youth Lemos is continually showering us with gifts of knowledge and delight.
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